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The history of Masonry in Owen Sound is quite extensive, and involves

two Masonic Lodges, St George’s #88 and North Star #322. Both of our Lodges participated in working together and becoming involved as partners in many different ventures. Many of the following points are taken from a book called “Down Through the Years 1857 to 2007” which is actually a history of St Georges Lodge.

On July 22, 1874 W. Brother John Creasor read out a petition in St. George’s Lodge for the formation of a new Lodge in Owen Sound. Later that year on November 25, 1874 North Star Lodge #322 was founded.

M.W. Brother William Mercer Wilson was Grand Master when St George’s Lodge came into being in 1857 and he was again Grand Master when North Star was formed 17 years later. North Star was placed in Toronto District in 1879, transferred to Georgian District in 1879 and with the division of Georgian District in 1912 it was placed in Georgian District 9A where it remained until the formation of Grey District in 1916


St George’s Lodge #88 granted North Star the use of the Lodge room and jewels for one year. They later provided a loan to North Star and gave North Star half of the lodge furniture and a number of St. George’s members joined North Star Lodge.


On Wednesday July 17, 1889 the 34th Annual Convocation of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario was held in the Town Hall in the Town of Owen Sound. Here is a brief reading from the event.

The Worshipful Masters of St George’s Lodge #88 and of North Star #322 were announced and presented the following address:

To the Most Worshipful, the Grand Master and Members of Grand Lodge of A.F. and A. M. of Canada in the Province of Ontario.”

Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren, we the officers and members of Saint George’s and North Star Lodges bid you a cordial welcome to Owen Sound. We are sensible that the cities in the Province contend for the honour of these Grand Lodge meetings; it is therefore especially gratifying to us to be honoured by your presence on this occasion. Owen Sound has not yet attained the dignity of a city, but it is rapidly approaching it, and we are pleased to be able to assure that the progress of Masonry is keeping place with the growth and material prosperity of the place. From the earliest history of the town to the present time Owen Sound has had amongst its prominent citizens a goodly number of the noble fraternity of Masons, and from its Lodge rooms the light of Masonry has shone through much of this Northern Country.” From the members of St George’s and North Star Lodges, have sprung many other Lodges, now prosperous and well worked, while the parents themselves still retain the robust strength and vigour of youth.” The Masons of Owen Sound will long remember with pleasure and satisfaction the honour done them by this meeting of Grand Lodge. We indulge the hope that you will thoroughly enjoy yourselves while among us and that you will return to your homes carrying with you pleasant recollections of your brief visit to the Liverpool of the North. Again, Most Worshipful Sir and Brethren, we bid you welcome to Owen Sound while you remain.

Duncan Morrison W.M. St George’s Lodge

Thomas Kennedy W.M. North Star Lodge


The Masonic Lodge in Owen Sound has a very elaborate history involving both Lodges. Shortly after North Star Lodge was created in 1874 talks between the two Lodges began to erect new Lodge rooms. These talks and committees continued for several years. It was in or around May1877 when new Lodge rooms in the Parker Block, at 856 2nd Avenue East were created.

W.B. S. J. Parker was the Master of North Star Lodge at that time. Both of the Lodges shared that facility for almost 103 years.


There was much interesting history of the Owen Sound Masonic Temple Board, which of course had equal numbers of members from each of the Lodges. After some years of contemplation and searching for alternative sites for Lodge Rooms, the current Lodge was purchased in 1979 and was dedicated on October 22, 1980, under the direction of the Grand Master M.W. Brother N.R. Richards with many other Grand Lodge Officers participating. W.B. D.J. McKay was Worshipful Master at that time.


Both St Georges Lodge and North Star Lodge also had a long and special relationship with Eureka Lodge #509 in Warren Michigan. Visitations were carried on from 1939 to 2003 and were on alternate years at either Warren or in our Lodge in Owen Sound.


Some time in 1998, W.B. Robert James Storie brought a contingent of Masons from Nickel Lodge #427 and Friendship Lodge #691 to North Star

Lodge to confer a Fellow Craft degree. These lodges are located in Sudbury, Ontario. This was an obvious connection to W.B. Eric Benedict, a former Owen Sound resident who was installing Master for W.B. Storie. W.B. Eric Benedict was the son of North Star’s W.B. Ellis Benedict who was Worshipful Master of North Star in 1969.


In 2013 a group of North Star Brethren made a journey to Norfolk Lodge #10 in Simcoe, Ontario. There we provided a candidate, Bother Chris Buckley, to be raised to the Third Degree in the mother Lodge of his Grandfather. This was a very enlightening and memorable evening, filled with history. Before the lodge meeting, we went to the local cemetery in Simcoe and attended the memorial for M.W. Brother Wiliam Mercer Wilson, the first Worshipful Master of Norfolk Lodge #10.


To conclude this presentation we would like to share a few interesting readings from the past.

. At the first regular meeting on November 25, 1874…. Proposed By-Laws were approved, subject to approval of G.L. ….. A committee was formed to enquire about the cost of jewels and working tools… Each member was assessed $10.00 to cover preliminary expenses.

. July 26, 1876… Emergent Meeting…. It was agreed to pay St George’s Lodge the sum of $500.00 for furnishings and pay annually $75.00 for rent, fuel & lighting and use of furniture for a term of 5 years and then subject to renewal for 5 years

. July 9, 1879….Regular Meeting… Report on excursion to Collingwood on the steamer Winnipeg was a success, with a profit of $50.00 which was turned over to the Benevolent Committee. The Brethren of Collingwood met the steamer at the dock in full regalia and all walked with the band to the Collingwood Lodge

. January 24, 1883… Regular Meeting Membership as of December 1882 was 58 members, Grand Lodge Charges in 1882 were initiations $1.00, Members per capita dues $0.25 and Certificates $2.00


The following members of North Star Lodge #322 served as District Deputy Grand Masters of Grey District:

1917 – R.W. Brother John McQuacker, 1928 – R.W. BrotherJ. Percy Leslie,

1935 – R.W. Brother R.C. McKnight, 1942 – R.W. Brother W.M. Morrow

1949 – R.W. Brother E.L. Vanstone, 1963 – R.W. Brother E.C. Stevens

1976 – R.W. Brother Wm. A. Strutt, 1989 – R.W. Brother Jack Gardhouse

2000 – R.W. Brother D.A. Gordon, 2012 – R.W. Brother R.A. McCulloch


Worshipful Masters of North Star Lodge No. 322 Owen Sound

1874 John Creasor Jr. 1875 John Creasor Jr.
1876 John Creasor Jr. 1877 Stephen J. Parker
1878 Stephen J. Parker 1879 Henry Robinson
1880 Henry Robinson 1881 Robert Edgar
1882 Robert Edgar 1883 William J. Patterson
1884 William J. Patterson 1885 Henry Kennedy
1886 David Rutherford 1887 John Miller
1888 John Miller 1889 Thomas Kennedy
1890 George Inglis 1891 George Inglis
1892 James Douglas 1893 William A. Bishop
1894 William H. Tucker 1895 George Munro
1896 Alexander McArthur 1897 John W. Redfern
1898 Thomas M. McGill 1899 Robert McDowall
1900 William H. Wright 1901 Harry Wright
1902 Harry Wright 1903 William P. Telford
1904 James Henry 1905 Harry Wright Jr.
1906 John A. Richardson 1907 Edward E. Miller
1908 James B. Thompson 1909 Arthur E. Rankin
1910 George A. Woodside 1911 James Leslie
1912 Christopher J. Hartley 1913 D. Russell Dobie
1914 George H. Holmes 1915 John McQuaker
1916 Edwart J. Creeper 1917 Charles T. Sutherland
1918 Clarence L. Vanwyck 1919 James P. Leslie
1920 David A. Christie 1921 John McEwen
1922 John McEwen 1923 H. H. Burgess
1924 Nathan H. Wilson 1925 N. Edward McDonald
1926 Ewart L. Vanstone 1927 Evan T. McDonald
1928 Irving Sutherland 1929 Wilfred F. Wright
1930 Robert C. McKnight 1931 John L. McInnis
1932 Richard V. Ricketts 1933 Robert H. Tugman
1934 Wilbur B. Phillips 1935 Lorne C. Baker
1936 William M. Morrow 1937 John Capel
1938 Murray G. Wilkinson 1939 Peter G. McLaughlan
1940 Peter F. Rowe 1941 Earl A. Dobson
1942 James G. Clark 1943 William J. Snell
1944 C. J. Baxendale 1945 George H. McKee
1946 Wilfred E. Ogg 1947 William D. Morrison
1948 Andrew F. Gordon 1949 Algernon H. Brown
1950 Albert J. Furness 1951 Arthur E. Nichol
1952 John A. Buck 1953 Orval G. Stewart
1954 John. J. Teschke 1955 Jack M. Smith
1956 Reginald V. Garbutt 1957 Marshall W. McIntosh
1958 George S. Cameron 1959 Edmund C. Stevens
1960 Carl A. Morrison 1961 Robert H. Cowan
1962 Samuel C. Dunbar 1963 Harold F. Graham
1964 Reginald J. Fearnall 1965 Oscar N. McDougall
1966 Edward M. Robertson 1967 John E. Gardhouse
1968 Robert E. Rutherford 1969 Ellis E. Benedict
1970 Walter E. H. Tennant 1971 Malcolm M. Gollert
1972 Edmund C. Stevens 1973 William A. Strutt
1974 William A. Strutt 1975 William Manson
1976 Richard Smith 1977 Norman W. Ward
1978 Jack Nolan 1979 Carl J. Govier
1980 David J. McKay 1981 Malcom W. McKerroll
1982 David Grant 1983 John A. McKerroll
1984 John A. McKerroll 1985 Wilfred Guymer
1986 Karl Tyc 1987 Brian Fitter
1988 Norman Bartley 1989 Andrew Killing
1990 Wolf Hofmann 1991 Frank Johnson
1992 Donald Gordon 1993 Robert Alexander
1994 Dennis Player 1995 James F. Paget
1996 Daniel Ward 1997 Terry McMillan
1998 Robert McCulloch 1999 Robert White
2000-1 William E. Griffith 2001-2 Ronald M. Blewett
2002-3 David Gomez 2003-4 Gregory A. Splan
2004-5 H. Murray Rennie 2005-6 Garry F.Heathers
2006-7 Dale A. Graham 2007-8 Cecil Rawn
2008-9 Gregory Heathers 2009-10 Jason F. Mervyn
2010-11 Larry H. Stuck 2011-12 Arthur Harvey
2012-13 Eugene Underhill 2013-14 Todd Griffith